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Don't Miss Out on These Important Facts About Car Warranty

Car Warranty

General Legal Context for Car Warranties

A car warranty might applicably and usefully be understood in the general context of the basic field of warranties as legal instruments and mechanisms for the protection of the consumers of products or services in a commercial context.

As such, car warranties can be secured, along with similar if not identically functioning warranties for other commonly needed or desired products and services, in order to provide both for the particular consumer’s access to the benefits of transportation and mobility inherent in an automobile and for the potentially significant monetary investment represented in the possession of an automobile.

Specific Application of Car Warranties

A car warranty will typically be granted by the manufacturer of the automobile, and might accordingly be referred to as a new car factory warranty. Some of the conditions commonly found to be applicable to car warranties granted to purchasers include those of the plan’s duration for a base period of 1 year, and more regularly for the extended period of 3 years. A relatively long and extended car warranty, according to the practices applied to the U.S. automobile market, can be expected to last for a 5 year period.

A car warranty might be less readily available, or not accessible at all, in the alternative context, and generally otherwise less financial burdensome, context of used-car sales. Used car warranties are potentially available, but can be expected to function in somewhat different ways. A car warranty not given by the manufacturer might be alternatively titled a motor vehicle service agreement or service contract.

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