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Product Liability

Product Liability

Product liability is a legal case in which a consumer can file a product liability lawsuit because of an injury sustained by a product. Often the injury can be partially the fault of the individual who sustains it, but because the manufacturer has a better knowledge of the product itself, they are the individuals upon whom the blame falls. These are civil lawsuit cases which often seek compensation for the injury sustained by the victim.

Commonly there are three grounds on which a products liability case can be founded. The first ground is that the product itself had a design flaw in the container of the product. For example, if the individual had purchased a can of spray used for cleaning and the individual uses the can and it explodes causing the metal to bust and slice open the individual’s arms and hands, the lawyer can argue that it was a design flaw in the can; as in the can’s metal was too thin for the contents it was holding.

Using this same model, if the can’s metal was sufficient, the individual could call for it to be an issue with the chemicals themselves. During manufacturing, the ration of chemicals could have been off and caused a volatile reaction. However, this also requires proof of a mistake.

The last ground for a product liability lawsuit is a failure to warn. This means that the product itself did not have a label put on it warning the consumer about the potential danger that can be caused by the item. This is one of the most common products liability lawsuits around.

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