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Powertrain Warranty At A Glance

Powertrain Warranty

What is a Powertrain Warranty?

A powertrain warranty is a form of assurance offered by the manufacturer of an automobile. When a consumer purchases a vehicle, at the time of sale, he or she will be given a powertrain warranty, which will cover all or part of the powertrain of the underlying automobile. When a mechanical problem occurs to the powertrain the costs associated with repair or replacement are covered in the powertrain warranty—the manufacturer or dealer whole sold the automobile will pay to have the car fixed. That being said, what parts are covered and the extent of the repayment associated with fixing the car will vary greatly based on the powertrain warranty offered.

What is the Powertrain?

The powertrain consists of the engine, the transmission and the drivetrain; if any of these fundamental parts of the car are defunct or breakdown, the powertrain warranty will kick-in and provide the purchaser with a replacement or repair of the parts at no cost.

In essence, the powertrain of an automobile is the system that is responsible for powering the car; the powertrain transfers energy to the transmission, which then transfers power to the wheels of the car.

Basic Principles of a Powertrain Warranty:

The powertrain warranty is an effective marketing tool that is used by producers and sellers of cars to entice buyers. When the powertrain was first offered, it was considered a great tool and benefit; however, modern-day car manufacturers now offer a powertrain warranty on the majority of their vehicles. The powertrain warranty has become fundamental in the purchase agreement of a car because of the increased competition found in the auto industry.

As is common with any contract, the fine print and the specifics latent in the document make all the difference. As a result, you must carefully examine, at the time of purchasing an automobile, the powertrain warranty and the specifics associated with it.

Depending on the manufacturer, a powertrain warranty will provide different forms of coverage based on interpretative differences; for example, one manufacturer’s definition of an engine can be referred to as a ‘long block’, meaning the engine, as well as everything attached to it cannot be removed. Another definition of an engine can be a “short block” meaning only part of the engine—typically the piece below cylinder head—cannot be removed. As a result, the coverage abilities will vary between these two warranties if the engine proved to be faulty.

In addition to the engine, the type of automobile will necessitate different variables within the powertrain warranty. For example, if you purchased a manual transmission vehicle, the warranty may exclude repairs or replacements for important pieces, such as the clutch—an extended warranty for a manual transmission will typically only provide coverage for the driveshaft and the axles.

How long does an Extended Warranty last?

A powertrain warranty will last for a certain number of years or for a maximum number of miles. In most instances, the powertrain warranty will last longer than a typical car warranty; the basic powertrain warranty is offered as a 10 year or 100,000 mile warranty, or whichever comes first.

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