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All About The Food Hygiene Certificate

Food Hygiene Certificate

What is a Food Hygiene Certificate?

A food hygiene certificate is a document that acknowledges an individual’s completion of a food hygiene training program. Any program that offers an authentic food hygiene certificate will provide restaurant owners or kitchen operators--within the commercial food industry--with vital information and training techniques to better uphold food safety protocols in the kitchen. In addition to owners and operators, restaurant managers, as well as all employees of a restaurant, may be required to obtain a food hygiene certificate.

In the majority of places, food hygiene training is a requirement for the owner or licensure of a restaurant; all individuals who run a commercial kitchen must typically receive a food hygiene certificate in order to legally serve food to the general public. In addition to receiving a food hygiene certificate through an established food training program, individuals can also receive the licensing through community colleges, trade, or career schools.

Why are Food Hygiene Certificates necessary?

Obtaining a food hygiene certificate is necessary for those aligned with the restaurant business because there a number of dangers inherent in running a commercial kitchen, including the contamination of food and the general risk of spoilage. The obtainment of a food hygiene certificate will fortify an individual’s understanding in preventing these risks, by teaching restaurant and kitchen owners, techniques to prevent the spread of airborne illness precipitated by spoiled or contaminated food.

Techniques and Qualifications:

The techniques that a food hygiene training course will focus on aim to aid in restaurant owners, managers and employees in safe food handling, preparation and storage. In addition to commercial workers, individuals who serve or handle food in churches, soup kitchens and group homes may also be required to obtain a food hygiene certificate.

Restaurant employees, for the most part, are only able to seek certification through a government-approved food hygiene training program. Government requirements also state that all restaurant employees must display their current food hygiene training certification along with the particular restaurant’s licenses and permits.

Government requirements will vary throughout the world; in the United States, general compliance with food hygiene standards is typically enforced by local or city inspectors in accordance with state law.

In addition to partaking in food training programs to receive a food hygiene certificate an individual can enroll in a culinary school, who will typically offer certification as part of their general educational program. That being said, graduates may still be required to pass a distinct, government-approved food hygiene licensing examination.

Laws in conjunction with food hygiene certificates:

As stated before, the ability and qualifications needed to obtain a food hygiene certificate will vary based on state or local law. For example, a particular state’s laws may require that some restaurant employees receive training with the understanding, that upon receiving a food hygiene certificate, the individual will be required to supervise non-credential employees during operational hours.

In the United States, an individual who does not attend culinary school, may obtain a food hygiene certificate by completing online training courses or short programs that may only last a few days. Depending on local laws, workers may be required to repeat these courses ever few years to effectively renew his or her certification.

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