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Consumer Protection Act

Consumer Protection Act

Throughout the world each nation has taken it upon themselves to create their own form of Consumer Protection Act in order to ensure the rights of the consumers who live within their nation. This is a way in which business can be better regulated and how individuals are able to purchase the goods and services they would like legally and in a manner in which they can be fairly taken care of.

The Consumer Protection Act of 1986 was an Act passed through the Government of India in order to better regulate the sales of goods and services in order to protect the citizens and allow them better protection for their rights. Some of the responsibilities of the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 fell solely on the merchants and businesses. These were responsibilities such as ensuring the quality, quantity, availability, and price of foods and goods for the public.

For the nation, there where rights given to citizens in order to allow them to be able to make complaints and return goods if they were not quality items. This was to ensure that consumer grievances could be aired without reprimand. Before the 1986 Act, there were seldom any laws protecting consumers from unfair business practices.

In the United Kingdom the Consumer Protection Act 1987 was implemented in order to secure the rights of consumers from unfair business practices or products that were not considered made of quality materials. For instance, there were laws passed against the false advertisement of prices of goods or of the quality of goods in order to sell them. Instead, laws and regulations were implemented to ensure quality goods and to protect individuals from these unfair business tactics.

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